Use the Blumio sensor development kit to capture arterial pressure waveforms and extract cardiovascular parameters from anywhere a pulse can be felt.


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Blumio Sensor Development Kit

Our team assembled this kit for consumer and medical device makers, like yourself, to evaluate our sensor and enable you to build your own health monitoring solutions. We encourage you to explore new technologies with our kit and we look forward to seeing new applications of our sensor.

The development kit includes all the components to get you started with our sensor and streaming your own data. For your ease of use, the sensor module is housed within a wearable enclosure with a strap to wear around the wrist. Also included is a signal processing dongle that will convert the raw sensor data into a readable arterial pulse wave. This user manual will detail some software tools we have built to operate the sensor and acquire signals.

We have a limited number of the sensor development kits for development partners. Please fill out the request form below to explore whether Blumio’s sensor is suitable for your health monitoring application.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the development kit output discreet blood pressure values?

    The development kit outputs an arterial pressure waveform. Using waveform analysis,  you will be able to develop custom algorithms to extract health metrics including heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, and arterial stiffness. In the sensor design guide we offer a few tidbits on how to go about extracting various health metrics from an arterial pulse waveform. We also understand that not everyone is interested in developing their own health sensing algorithms. For device makers who prefer to consume a complete sensing solution from Blumio, please inquire about the availability of algorithms we are actively developing.

  • What is an arterial pressure waveform?

    Arterial pressure waveform represents the pressure contained within the arterial tree. The following video from OPENPediatrics provides an excellent overview on interpreting arterial waveform.


Blumio Pulse Sensor Design Guide

We have assembled a design guide for consumer and medical device manufacturers interested in incorporating Blumio’s pulse sensor into a solution. The design guide features Infineon’s XENSIV 60 Ghz radar chip and offers tidbits on how to go about extracting various health metrics from an arterial pulse waveform.




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